Understanding Small Enterprises (USE2015) Conference

A Healthy Working Life in a Healthy Business

Small businesses form the backbone of most economies and are attracting increased interest from academics, practitioners, consultants, social partners, government officials, and policy makers. In recent years it has become more and more clear that SMEs are a different breed from large companies, which are the normal subject of business and entrepreneurial research: an SME is not a small big firm.
Demographics dictate that able employees will be at a premium in the future global economy and that keeping them fit and healthy will be a prerequisite for sustained business success. This holds even more true for small companies as they typically lag behind large companies as attractors of talented employees. This leads to the main conference theme: “a healthy working life in a healthy business”.
One of the characteristics of a small business is its interconnectedness with its environment: customers, suppliers, partners, employees, and the communities in which it resides. A small business is more dependent on others in the network in which it operates than a big firm which might be more inclined to dictate its environment. The networked nature of small businesses gives rise to the subtheme of USE2015: Globalisation of SMEs and Corporate Social Responsibility.
The conference will consist of three main themes which can be subdivided in a number subthemes:

Healthy and safe working environments at SMEs
Topics might include - but are not limited to: Occupational Health and Safety, Workplace Innovation, Healthy Ageing and Work, Work Life Balance.

Health organisations as small businesses
Topics might include - but are not limited to: Organizing for Change, Social Innovation, Market Orientation, Technology Innovation.

SMEs in a networked society
Topics might include - but are not limited to: Corporate and Network Governance, Corporate Social Responsibility, Globalizing SMEs.

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